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Version: v7.1.0


okp4d tx sign-batch

Sign transaction batch files


Sign batch files of transactions generated with --generate-only. The command processes list of transactions from a file (one StdTx each line), or multiple files. Then generates signed transactions or signatures and print their JSON encoding, delimited by '\n'. As the signatures are generated, the command updates the account and sequence number accordingly.

If the --signature-only flag is set, it will output the signature parts only.

The --offline flag makes sure that the client will not reach out to full node. As a result, the account and the sequence number queries will not be performed and it is required to set such parameters manually. Note, invalid values will cause the transaction to fail. The sequence will be incremented automatically for each transaction that is signed.

If --account-number or --sequence flag is used when offline=false, they are ignored and overwritten by the default flag values.

The --multisig=<multisig_key> flag generates a signature on behalf of a multisig account key. It implies --signature-only.

okp4d tx sign-batch [file] ([file2]...) [flags]


  -a, --account-number uint      The account number of the signing account (offline mode only)
--append Combine all message and generate single signed transaction for broadcast.
--aux Generate aux signer data instead of sending a tx
-b, --broadcast-mode string Transaction broadcasting mode (sync|async) (default "sync")
--chain-id string The network chain ID (default "okp4d")
--dry-run ignore the --gas flag and perform a simulation of a transaction, but don't broadcast it (when enabled, the local Keybase is not accessible)
--fee-granter string Fee granter grants fees for the transaction
--fee-payer string Fee payer pays fees for the transaction instead of deducting from the signer
--fees string Fees to pay along with transaction; eg: 10uatom
--from string Name or address of private key with which to sign
--gas string gas limit to set per-transaction; set to "auto" to calculate sufficient gas automatically. Note: "auto" option doesn't always report accurate results. Set a valid coin value to adjust the result. Can be used instead of "fees". (default 200000)
--gas-adjustment float adjustment factor to be multiplied against the estimate returned by the tx simulation; if the gas limit is set manually this flag is ignored (default 1)
--gas-prices string Gas prices in decimal format to determine the transaction fee (e.g. 0.1uatom)
--generate-only Build an unsigned transaction and write it to STDOUT (when enabled, the local Keybase only accessed when providing a key name)
-h, --help help for sign-batch
--keyring-backend string Select keyring's backend (os|file|kwallet|pass|test|memory) (default "test")
--keyring-dir string The client Keyring directory; if omitted, the default 'home' directory will be used
--ledger Use a connected Ledger device
--multisig string Address or key name of the multisig account on behalf of which the transaction shall be signed
--node string <host>:<port> to CometBFT rpc interface for this chain (default "tcp://localhost:26657")
--note string Note to add a description to the transaction (previously --memo)
--offline Offline mode (does not allow any online functionality)
-o, --output string Output format (text|json) (default "json")
--output-document string The document will be written to the given file instead of STDOUT
-s, --sequence uint The sequence number of the signing account (offline mode only)
--sign-mode string Choose sign mode (direct|amino-json|direct-aux|textual), this is an advanced feature
--signature-only Print only the generated signature, then exit
--timeout-height uint Set a block timeout height to prevent the tx from being committed past a certain height
--tip string Tip is the amount that is going to be transferred to the fee payer on the target chain. This flag is only valid when used with --aux, and is ignored if the target chain didn't enable the TipDecorator
-y, --yes Skip tx broadcasting prompt confirmation