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Academy overview

Welcome to the Axone Academy, your gateway to the cutting-edge world of off-chain resource sharing and orchestration. In an era where the efficient utilization of resources is paramount, the Axone protocol emerges as a groundbreaking solution. Axone specializes in the seamless sharing and orchestration of off-chain resources.

Throughout this concise journey, we will guide you through the core principles of the Axone protocol, providing you with a swift understanding of its functions. Prepare to immerse yourself in Axone, where the focus lies on optimizing resource sharing and creating new knowledge. Are you ready to explore the forefront of off-chain resource management? Follow us through this Academy to unravel the intricacies of Axone.


Your learning journey

Axone is designed to bring the tools for builders and communities to solve trust and incentive issues and unlock value through applications based on shared datasets and algorithms.

Axone is a public blockchain built to share and orchestrate any off-chain resource. Its architecture is specifically designed to:

  • Share any off-chain resource (datasets, algorithms, services...).
  • Define and enforce highly customized rules on-chain (access rights, business models, governance models...).
  • Build applications leveraging the shared resources according to the on-chain rules.

Before delving into the academy modules, we strongly recommend familiarizing yourself with essential sections of the Axone Whitepaper:

  1. The Abstract: Gain a broad overview of the Axone protocol to understand its fundamental principles.
  2. The Introduction: Explore the challenges within the knowledge economy that Axone addresses.
  3. The Solution: Discover the high-level concepts and key features underlying the Axone protocol.

The Academy is structured into two main parts to cater to diverse learning needs:

Part 1 - Axone Basics: This section offers an accessible exploration of the basis of the Axone protocol. Whether you're new to the protocol or seeking a comprehensive understanding, this part provides the necessary groundwork.

Part 2 - Technical Implementation: Dedicated to builders and developers, the second part of the Academy delves into the technical intricacies of interacting with the Axone protocol. From implementation details to advanced functionalities, this section equips you with the skills needed to harness the full potential of Axone.

Embark on your journey through the Axone Academy, where knowledge meets innovation. Whether you're a novice or an experienced developer, we invite you to explore and master the protocol that is shaping the future of the knowledge economy.

Learn the basics of Axone

Now you have an overview of Axone, let's delve into the core concepts behind the Axone Protocol.


What can be shared within the Axone Protocol?


Learn everything about governance and rules.

Consume resources

What are workflows?

Protocol concepts

The pillars of the Axone Protocol.

Who is it for?

Examples of the intended audience for the protocol.

AI Factory use cases

AI use cases examples.

Learn how to play with Axone

Decentralized Identity

Core principles of decentralized identity.

Verifiable claims principles

How Verifiable Claims function within Axone to describe shared digital resources

Describe a resource

Declare a dataset or a service in the Dataverse.

Resource governance

Create the resource governance

Describe a Zone

Describe a Zone in the Dataverse.

Zone's governance

Create the resource governance

Do you have a question or feedback? Do you need help from the team? Please contact us on the Academy support channel on Discord.