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Version: v7.1.0


okp4d keys migrate

Migrate keys from amino to proto serialization format


Migrate keys from Amino to Protocol Buffers records. For each key material entry, the command will check if the key can be deserialized using proto. If this is the case, the key is already migrated. Therefore, we skip it and continue with a next one. Otherwise, we try to deserialize it using Amino into LegacyInfo. If this attempt is successful, we serialize LegacyInfo to Protobuf serialization format and overwrite the keyring entry. If any error occurred, it will be outputted in CLI and migration will be continued until all keys in the keyring DB are exhausted. See for more details.

It is recommended to run in 'dry-run' mode first to verify all key migration material.

okp4d keys migrate [flags]


  -h, --help   help for migrate

Options inherited from parent commands

      --keyring-backend string   Select keyring's backend (os|file|kwallet|pass|test|memory) (default "test")
--keyring-dir string The client Keyring directory; if omitted, the default 'home' directory will be used
--output string Output format (text|json) (default "text")