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Version: v7.1.0


okp4d rollback

rollback Cosmos SDK and CometBFT state by one height


A state rollback is performed to recover from an incorrect application state transition, when CometBFT has persisted an incorrect app hash and is thus unable to make progress. Rollback overwrites a state at height n with the state at height n - 1. The application also rolls back to height n - 1. No blocks are removed, so upon restarting CometBFT the transactions in block n will be re-executed against the application.

okp4d rollback [flags]


      --hard          remove last block as well as state
-h, --help help for rollback
--home string The application home directory (default "/home/john/.okp4d")


  • okp4d - OKP4 Daemon 👹